Tag: Bacon

Little Bad Wolf

Restaurant: Little Bad Wolf Location: 1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave. Website: Little Bad Wolf The Score – Wolf Burger Base Burger qualifier 50 pts. Bun White bun 10/10 Meat 3 Beef Patties 9/10 Toppings American cheese, onion straws, house-made pickles, red onion mayo, and a fried egg. 9/10 Taste Huge mouthful of a burger, but […]

Small Cheval

Restaurant: Small Cheval Location: Bucktown, 1732 N Milwaukee Ave.; Old Town 1345 N Wells St. Website: Small Cheval The Score Base Burger qualifier 50 pts. Bun Brioche 7/10 Meat Seasoned well, a little on the tougher side 9/10 Toppings Dijonnaise, pickles, onions, bacon (extra) 9/10 Taste Great quick burger, but not a WOW 17/20 Overall […]

Kuma’s Corner – The Yob

The Yob Burger Review Restaurant: Kuma’s Corner Location: 2800 W Belmont Ave Website: Kuma’s Corner The Score Base Burger qualifier 50 pts. Bun Pretzel Bun 9/10 Meat Medium rare, thick, good, a little chewy 8/10 Toppings Bacon, roasted red pepper, smoked gouda, garlic mayo 10/10 Taste All working together very well, nothing overpowering 19/20 Overall […]